Think your B2B ecommerce site is exempt from the need for long-tail keywords? Think again, especially if you hope to rank well on the search engine results pages.

So, I’m moving (again). During my last move, some little black plastic pieces to an industrial wire shelving unit went missing. Knowing that pretty much anything a person could want or need to buy is available on the Internet, I pulled up Google, but I had a problem. What were those little black plastic pieces CALLED? I had one in my hand and could point them out in pictures that I saw on the web, but I had no idea what the little plastic pieces were called–which leads me to the quandry: If I don’t know what they’re called, how can I SEARCH for them?

Enter the long-tail keyword string. Long-tail keywords are three to five-word phrases that are based off of shorter original keywords. By choosing a few strategic long-tail search queries,
I should be able to find what I’m looking for pretty easily.

My first search, “wire shelf connectors” didn’t get me where I needed to be. See below.

Long Tail Keywords in B2B E Commerce1

The second time, I Googled “wire shelf parts.”

Long Tail Keywords in B2B E Commerce2

Closer–these results at least started pulling up the right kind of shelving product–but still not quite right. A search of “chrome wire shelf parts” turned up these results:

Long Tail Keywords in B2B E Commerce3"

The highlighted result took me to this product page:

Long Tail Keywords in B2B E Commerce4

FINALLY! I found the little pieces that I was looking for–and learned that they are called “slip sleeves.” A quick look at the HTML code for the slip sleeves page revealed that there was a reason why it was so hard for me, as a consumer who didn’t know the “right” name for the product, to find a site selling them.

Here’s the code and the subsequent reason I couldn’t find them right away–none of the terms I was Googling are in their meta data! No reference to the shelving units at all–except for in the meta description.

<meta name=”descriptioncontent=”These black plastic slip-sleeves are what fasten your shelves to the poles. 8 pairs (enough for 2 shelves).“>

<meta name=”keywordscontent=”slip-sleeves, slip sleeves, pole caps, pole connectors, black pole clips, slip sleeve, plastic slip covers, slip covers, slip cover, pole sleeves “>

<title>Seville Classics – One Inch Slip Sleeves Plastic Slip Covers(8 Pack)</title>

The Take Away

If you want your customers to easily find your site, you have to utilize the long-tail keyword search terms that your customer would instinctively use, not those that match your business name for the item. 

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