digital commerce roadmap webinarYour distribution organization has made the decision to engage in digital commerce for the first time, or perhaps to re-platform an aging eCommerce solution already in place. Preparing for the journey through this business transformation and assessing your business readiness is vital to the success of the overall program. You need to build a sound foundation for the program, but where do you start and what are the key elements to consider? Experts offer advice, share success stories, and best practices in our upcoming webinar: “Building the Foundations for Your Digital Commerce Roadmap.”

Critical Advice on Preparing for Digital Commerce Engagement

Wholesale distributors’ digital commerce initiatives are becoming more complicated: more stakeholders, more data, more integrations, and so on. In many cases, these undertakings run over budget and are delivered late, primarily due to a lack of business readiness and poorly defined requirements. During this webinar, hear advice from a guest speaker at Forrester Research on how eBusiness leaders can identify and limit the major challenges associated with their organization’s digital transformation, and gain insights on using a prescribed framework to improve the likelihood of success when planning and executing a digital commerce strategy.

Learn From the Success of a Leading Distributor’s Digital Transformation

Representatives from Hisco, a leading North American specialty distribution company serving the electronic assembly market and other industrial markets, will be on hand to share their journey and the impact to their organization. Hisco transformed the way they do business by implementing a digital commerce roadmap that helped to guide them through the transformation.

Join the hour-long webinar to hear firsthand what every distribution business leader needs to know about a digital commerce roadmap and business transformation, including:

  • Best practices in determining your technology approach
  • The importance of business transformation to ensure success
  • How to build a winning team that inspires success
  • How implementing a roadmap helps organizations similar to yours

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