customer center digital businessAs most of us know by now, a tsunami of technology change is coming our way that will affect all aspects of business for distributors. As you lay the groundwork for your B2B eCommerce and digital business strategies, put the voice of the customer first in the development of your business plans, encourage B2B wholesale distribution experts.

Incorporate Digital into Your Business Model

Insite Software’s own Linda Taddonio was recently featured in Contractor Supply Magazine offering expert advice for B2B wholesale leaders as they make their journey from traditional to digital business. Taddonio advises treating this immense digital change in your organization as an ongoing and evolving company-wide initiative instead of just another big project, and offers an overview of the most critical aspects you need to consider along the way, especially when it comes to your customers.

Leveraging Digital Disruption for Long-Term Business Advantage

The lifeblood of any distributorship is its customers and business leaders should use this principle as the driving force for their digital business strategy. Behind every e-business initiative is an opportunity to address the new customer experience imperative that is essential for success in the Age of the Customer. Using this as your guideline will enable you to leverage digital disruption for your long-term business advantage.

Read the full Contractor Supply Magazine article for more advice on leading your organization on the journey of digital transformation and B2B eCommerce success; as well as further insights on competing against the likes of AmazonSupply and Grainger, how other technology disruptors such as 3D printing factor in, funding your digital business initiatives, and more.