Investment in b2b ecommerce for distributionMany leaders of distribution organizations are afraid to make the necessary digital investments to compete with or larger competitors for fear it may be disruptive. But that reluctance puts those businesses at risk. The bold and necessary move is to invest and keep investing in B2B eCommerce. That is the future of the distribution business.

Advice for B2B Distributors

Leading eCommerce business publisher, Practical Ecommerce, published an article addressing the importance of a swift migration to B2B eCommerce for distributors that have not already done so, and additional advice for those that already have. Authored by Insite Software executive Dale Traxler, the article outlines his experienced advice for today’s B2B distributors to grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive landscape that is shared by the likes of

Invest in eCommerce to Compete

To compete against and competitors that are digitally enabled, Traxler says distributors need to invest in B2B eCommerce sites, search marketing, social media, and email marketing. They also need to hire people to plan and manage those activities, and in many cases they should consider retaining outside agencies to assist.

Seek Help from B2B eCommerce Experts

The first step for many distributors is to recognize that they are behind in digital enablement. Traxler advises they seek experts who understand B2B eCommerce for distribution businesses and can help analyze and develop a roadmap for success. To compete for the attention of the millennial buyers in their customer base and target accounts, distributors should launch an eCommerce site that emulates the consumer buying experience that online buyers prefer, as well as provides a feature-rich site that business buyers need.

The Power of Investing 1%

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