InsiteCommerceThe world of eCommerce can be difficult to navigate. It’s constantly changing and there’s a number of factors companies take into account before implementing an eCommerce plan.

In the first part of a two part interview, Susanne Spencer, eCommerce Consulting Manager with Insite Software, talks about what InsiteCommerce for Distribution brings to the eCommerce table and what it can do for companies looking for an eCommerce solution.

Q: “Tell us about InsiteCommerce for Distribution”:

A: “InsiteCommerce Distribution’s features and functions are geared specifically for a distributor with a high SKU count. It has very rich features that bring high value to the distributors’ customers, and provides more self-sufficient benefits to our customers to keep their processes running with limited influence from us [Insite Software].”

Q: “How is InsiteCommerce for Distribution different from other eCommerce offerings available?”

A: “I think the biggest differentiator is that our platform is a truly robust platform versus a framework. So it’s highly extendable, it’s very flexible, and it also supports rapid deployment. If a client has a need to get up and going very quickly to get into the marketplace, we can accommodate that without losing the ability to phase in more sophisticated features and functions over time. As their business grows and they add more products to be sold on the commerce site, their customer base will continue to grow, so there are no limitations to adding more complex pricing for those customers that they are on-boarding.”

Q: “You mentioned rapid deployment, so tell me how that works with InsiteCommerce?”

A: “Our product has a great feature where it doesn’t require custom design. So if you’d like to get a site up really quick, you have that option. Let’s say for example you have your main commerce site and you’d like to add a niche site for a particular industry, such as medical devices. You can spin up a site very quickly and still self style it with the tools that are already built into the management console. So you can select the background color, the color of the buttons, the fonts, and upload the logos. It’s a really fast way to get a site up that looks very high quality without taking the time to have custom design applied to it.”

“In addition to that, we have our rich library of templates that also accommodate rapid deployment. So when you hear the word “template,” a lot of people think that it’s just a pre-defined page format. It is that, but in addition, all of the functionality of our platform is pre-built into those pages. So for example, if you have products that you sell at multiple units of measurement, they will dynamically present on the site. All the templates are rich with containers, so you get to manage all of the content in them. You can change the look and feel of a site easily, yet use the tools that we have included and the containers in the templates to get a site up and running very quickly.”

In the next segment of our interview with Susanne, we discuss the features of InsiteCommerce inherent in the commerce solution that are specific to manufacturers and distributors.

Be on the lookout for part 2 of our interview with Susanne!