insite pay-it-forward groupSeason’s greetings from everyone at Insite Software. All of us wish you a joyous holiday season and prosperity in the New Year! We look forward to working with you in 2015 to help solve your business commerce challenges and meet your business goals.

In the spirit of the season and observing the pay-it-forward phenomenon, we want to share with you several charitable activities Insite Software employees have been busy participating in lately.

Pay-It-Forward Spirit

Insite is committed to giving back to its local communities, sometimes by involving their employees in the giving activities. Inspired by the viral pay-it-forward style of giving, Insite employees were given the opportunity recently to spend time working together for their local charities. Employees in the Minneapolis and Chicago offices, as well as remote employees, were given a mission and funding to use to support some of their local charities.

insite pay-it-forward scavenger team

It’s always fun for people to work together with co-workers on worthy missions outside of their normal daily responsibilities at the company.  Here’s how they did it.

The Mission

Employees formed into small groups and spent part of their workday shopping at nearby businesses to help stock the shelves at their local chapters of Feeding America and Toys for Tots, and other local relief organizations. The employee efforts, dubbed Pay-It-Forward Mission Impossible, were done in scavenger-hunt style and proved to be a fun and interesting way to engage with co-workers outside the usual office setting, and of course everyone experienced the warm and festive feeling you get when you support your local charitable organizations at holiday time.

insite pay-it-forward marys placeRemote employees were able to participate in community giving, too, and were given funds to spend on their local charities. Additional Minneapolis employees also volunteered their time on four different occasions serving breakfast at a homeless shelter.

Maybe you had similar opportunities to pay-it-forward this season. We hope that sharing our pay-it-forward giving story helps inspire others to pay it forward, as well.