Spend any amount of time in the world of ecommerce and you are sure to hear that content is king.

It’s true.

  • Content attracts search engine crawlers.
  • Content drives traffic to your site.
  • Content boosts your site in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
    • Content, or a lack thereof, can completely kill an ecommerce sale.


Missing or incomplete  content frustrates the visitor and drives them to leave your site and go to another (read: competitor’s) site to make their purchase.

The Problem

I’m going to be moving soon. The duplex I’m moving to is gorgeous, but the bathroom walls are not a color that match my current shower curtain. Since it’s a rental situation, I’m not going to paint–I’m going to find a shower curtain that works with the color scheme.

This morning before work I found myself on my computer at home, searching for a shower curtain that would work with the color scheme in the bathrom. During my search, I discovered this shower curtain and I immediately wanted to know more about the pockets.

Incomplete Content Kills the Ecommerce Sale Product

Upon viewing the product detail page, this is what I found.

Incomplete Content Kills the Ecommerce Sale Blank

The main image on the product page was non-descript and faded into the site’s background. There is no visual evidence of pockets in the image.

Incomplete Content Kills the Ecommerce Sale Image Example

Alternate images were disappointing–the only close up was of the grommets at the top of the curtain. Nothing about the pockets referenced in the product name.

Unfortunately, the product description was equally as disappointing. The overall specs of the item were there–dimensions, fabric content, etc. but nothing about the pockets.

Incomplete Content Kills the Ecommerce Sale Description Missing

The Outcome

Clicking on the product to get more information left me distinctly dissatisfied. When all was said and done, I didn’t have any more information that I did in the product quick view at the beginning and STILL didn’t have answers to my questions about the product’s pockets.

The worst part? The item is only available online. I can’t even stop into a local store to check out the product packaging picture or take the curtain out to see it first hand.

The bottom line is that I won’t be buying this shower curtain and am likely to shop elsewhere for my purchase.

The Take Away

Don’t let incomplete or missing content kill your sales! Review each product page through the eyes of an outsider and fix those things that aren’t guiding the visitor to buy!

Want to learn more about how content affects ecommerce success? Download the white paper: Content is King – How Updating Website Content Improves Ecommerce Sales.