Improved Customer Experience Online Delivers Results

Once again, Paul Demery, Managing Editor, B2B eCommerce, has written a compelling article about the importance of content in the online B2B channel. I am always surprised when I see a manufacturer or distributor not leveraging the power the online channel to promote their brand, drive customer loyalty, and improve their customer’s buying experiences.

Goals for Success:

Promote Brands, Customer Loyalty and Drive Greater Value
There is little question that both Thule and Hubert’s have seen increased revenues through higher average order values leveraging the online channel. It’s not an either/or proposition if a customer will buy from a sales rep, customer service rep, or online. The real question is whether or not manufacturers and distributors are going to finally realize that the online channel will continue to promote their brands, add to their customer’s loyalty, and drive greater value to the company with an improved online experience. The customer will choose the channel best suited for their purchase, but not offering a full customer experience across all these channels will drive customers to another supplier.

The moral of the story? It is simple.

Improved Customer Experience Online, Delivers Results

Read Paul’s article highlighting Thule Corporation:

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