Improve Your Ecommerce Site Performance Right NowWe’re barreling toward the last week of 2010 and if your office is anything like mine, it’s a quiet time of year. Most people have taken time off to spend with their families and the phone and email systems are notoriously quiet. It’s the perfect time to make ecommerce plans for 2011 and the small changes you make today can reap big rewards in the coming year.

Small things you can easily do right now to increase the success of your ecommerce site in the New Year:

Create an editorial calendar for your ecommerce blog. (Not convinced that you need a blog? You’re missing out and here’s why.)

  • Choose a blog schedule and stick to it. Two times per week is a good start and consistency is key. Go for consistency over a higher frequency of posts.
  • Decide what you will blog about in each post for the next month.
  • Blog about those things.
  • Try to stay at least two weeks ahead of your blog editorial calendar to reduce the stress of blogging and make the writing process more natural. You can always flex out a pre-written post if something earth-shattering happens.
  • BONUS: Schedule your blogs to autopost on the days/times on your editorial calendar. That way, you never forget to publish your posts!

Check your product content and specifications pages. What information is missing that will help people pull out their wallets? Unanswered product questions will most likely push your visitor to another site. Don’t risk it!

Edit your H1 tags. Make sure each includes a powerful hook and at least one of your keywords. Learn more about how to write a killer H1 tag. Your website traffic numbers and search engine results will thank you!

Choose one new promotional tactic to utilize on your site. This is especially important for B2B ecommerce sites. Need some ideas to consider? Check out post #1 or post #2 on this topic for some ideas.

Rewrite critical site copy to focus on results. Results make the register ring and address what your customer is really looking for. The customer who buys a drill doesn’t really want a drill. What he wants is a hole. Address what your customer really wants–results–and watch your ecommerce site’s conversion numbers go through the roof.

Implement one or more of these small, strategic changes to your ecommerce site and prepare yourself for success in 2011.