Digital Transformation visionMarket research tells us that the manufacturing and distribution sector is still lagging behind other verticals in digital commerce. But a number of high-profile role models—such as Cisco and Grainger—have emerged in these two verticals, and the race is on. These digital masters have some important things in common that led to their success.

Think and Act Differently

Truly phenomenal opportunities exist from embracing B2B digital commerce technology, but to be successful with digital transformation, approach it ready to think and act differently about your business. Those who embrace the transformation and start to think and act differently will be in a position to exploit their new capabilities and accelerate ahead, while others will continually try to catch up. We are seeing this acceleration happening today with B2B role models and their huge success with their eCommerce initiatives.

Strategic eCommerce Levels the Playing Field

Keep in mind a very important point: Digital technologies go a long way toward leveling the playing field between big and small enterprises. So even if you are small, you can be a digital master, and your agility and quick decision-making can be a distinct advantage in today’s digital world. If you are a large organization with a lot of resources and finances, but tend to be paralyzed by your size, your charge may be to drive towards agility, innovation and smaller footprints.

Creating and Powering a Digital Transformation Vision

Some keys to creating and powering a digital transformation vision within an organization include understanding the digital landscape, technology, tools, options, considerations and risks. Also, knowing how these technologies are used in your industry, who’s using them, who’s ahead and who’s behind. Another key is powering the digital transformation vision through your organization with a team of cross-departmental advisors aligned on how the business should change through digital technologies, even when it often means radically changing to the way you have done business in the past.

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