How to Combat E Commerce ShowroomingLast week I wrote an article about how a trend called showrooming is affecting both bricks-and-mortar stores and online retailers alike. Showrooming is a practice where shoppers with smartphones visit a local store to see a product in person and then buy the product online–most often from a competitor.

During an ecommerce strategy meeting yesterday, the topic of showrooming came up and one of my associates posed that maybe you could beat showrooming by actively participating in it.

Here’s what she said to me that got me to thinking I should share it with you. Because most showrooming sales go to an online competitor, perhaps you should consider showrooming your own stores. Beat your online competition at their own game.

Are you scratching your heads yet?

Here’s how you could successfully showroom your own products and store:

  1. Accept that your customers could be showrooming your products today. This is definitely the first step.
  2. Implement a program where customers who visit your store to check out a product in person are eligible for a lower purchase price on the item if they buy the product online from your ecommerce site.
  3. Post point of purchase signage in your stores letting customers know about your online pricing discount if they purchase a product from you instead of a competitor.

This is something of a radical notion for many organizations–but if you know that some of your sales are going to fall to the competition by way of showrooming anyway, it makes sense to try to beat the competition at their own game.

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