Punch OutIf you are looking for a significant source of new revenue, Punch-Out may be just what you need. Many customers are now requiring suppliers to offer a Punch Out capability within their B2B online commerce channel because it streamlines the purchase process and automates the purchase order entry.

What is Punch-Out?

It is the name given to the process and routines that allow you to directly connect your product catalogs to your customers’ e-procurement system. It gives your customer the capability to purchase products online from your site, and automate that purchase directly into their purchase order system for processing.

How do I benefit from using Punch-Out?

The development of the order and automation of entering the purchase order is now automated, meaning no more double entry of orders by the customer (likely entering the order online through the website, and then also entering that same order into their purchasing system).

How much new revenue can punch-out capabilities deliver?

Insite Software has several customers that in the last 6 months have signed significant revenue contracts based around their Punch-Out capability. One company has secured a deal that guarantees over $10 million in new revenue because they can offer Punch-Out automation. Because Punch-Out allows the supplier to offer more products to the customer, the potential to drive up new sales and higher margins becomes much easier. Therefore, providing Punch-Out allows you a greater share of your customer’s wallet vs. other suppliers.

Given Insite’s agility in implementation and configuration of our platform, built around Punch-Out, we can deploy a website significantly faster and with much lower costs than other platforms. That allows our customers to derive a faster ROI around Punch-Out and drive a much larger portion of revenue across more customers leveraging these automated capabilities.

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