In a few weeks I am going to be relocating to a new home–specifically, a side by side duplex with a fenced yard and a landlord that is fine with my having a canine companion. I’m a dog person and I’m moving from one of those over-sized multi-unit apartment buildings where dogs aren’t allowed, so this means a lot to me.

After great consideration, I’m leaning toward adopting an adult dog from one of the local animal rescues. To find the right fit, you have to do a lot of looking and some sites are better at promoting their pups than others.

Outside of cute little faces and wagging tails, what’s struck me most is how images affect the success of promoting the dog in question. While adopting a dog isn’t traditional ecommerce, it is still the main way rescues promote their dogs for adoption. This got me to thinking of how the images you choose can help or hinder the success of your ecommerce site.

Consider this image:

How Images Influence Ecommerce

Does it make you want to adopt her?

No? But why?

Her description says she is “sweet” and “playful” and “cuddly.”

Not buying it?

Me neither. Probably not the best image to promote this little pooch. I’m guessing this dog doesn’t get many inquiries, much less visits by potential adoptive parents.

The Ecommerce Lesson from my dog search:

Always present your product in the best possible light. Always. Always.

And never publish an image that could be misinterpreted. I’m guessing the person who posted this image thought it showed a “funny” dislike for the camera when coupled with the dog’s fluffy description. Unfortunately, all I see is a growling dog.

Images speak much louder than any amount of copy you could place on your ecommerce site. Make sure that the images on your site are conveying the right message.

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