Growing Your B2B E Commerce Portal StrategyIn my last blog post, we looked at how a secure portal can drive B2B ecommerce success. Today, I want to examine how you can grow your B2B ecommerce portal strategy from the basics and extend your portal’s reach and influence on your customers.

I’m guessing you’re wondering what you could possibly do with an ecommerce portal besides what we identified last time:

  • Order information and updates
  • Account specific information
  • Online ordering featuring customer-specific pricing
  • Sensitive product information

A lot, actually! Here are some ways you can grow your B2B ecommerce portal strategy:

Make it customer-centric. Taking the concept of how a portal can isolate customer-specific information and show it only to that customer, you can customize your portal and show each customer what they want to see, exactly how they want to see it. Imagine that immediately after logging in, your customer is shown a dashboard format that highlights the metrics and information they want to see. If historical orders and the option to create quick replenishment orders from those historical orders is the most important thing to your customer–that is what will appear.

Add local information. Get to know your customer and then serve up the local information that is most important to them in the form of dashboard widgets. Consider options such as local weather, relevant stock indices, and customer-segmented industry news. If your customer does business with an overseas partner, you could provide a pricing translator in the destination country’s currency. The sky is really the limit here–the trick is in knowing what your customer values the most and then providing it as a little “extra” that shows you are paying attention.

Rebrand your portal. Got a key customer that you want to woo? Show that customer’s corporate brand along side your corporate brand when their representatives log in. Consider dropping your corporate identity altogether and allowing your key customer to extend your portal to your key customers’ customers–with their brand in place of yours.

By tapping into the full capabilities of a B2B ecommerce portal, B2B companies can offer personalized experiences to a multitude of unique customers, making your ecommerce portal feel as if it were created just for them. This will increase the individual customer’s affinity for the portal and drive your B2B ecommerce success.