build-b2b-online-store-successAs more manufacturers and distributors invest in B2B eCommerce initiatives and more business buyers seek to make purchases online, it’s imperative to include four vital components when you develop your B2B online store. Each of them can have a positive impact on establishing a strong B2B online presence.

Online is the First Stop for B2B Buyers

More business buyers are seeking to make purchases online rather than through traditional channels. Business buyers are now largely millennials — in their 30s — and they prefer to shop online. Moreover, most buyers research products online before they contact a sales representative. As you continue to develop your online presence, four key components that apply to all B2B online stores should be front and center of all your planning efforts.

Building Blocks for B2B Online Store

Read the latest advice for manufacturers and distributors from Dale Traxler, Practical Ecommerce contributing editor and Insite Software executive, as he shares his insights on four key elements that should serve as the building blocks of all B2B online store initiatives: customer experience, content, personalization, and integrations. These four factors are tightly intertwined and failure to execute on one will dramatically impact all the others.

B2B Online Success Depends on Careful Planning

Read the full article to learn more. From fast search results and consumer-inspired shopping experience, to rich and personalized content, to deep and seamless integrations, your B2B eCommerce success depends on careful planning and execution in four key areas.