FIXED 9 Things Your B2B Ecommerce Customers Wont Tell YouIn yesterday’s post, I shared 9 things your B2B customers aren’t telling you about their experience on your ecommerce site. Today I am going to share how you can remedy these issues and keep them from becoming a problem.

Here are nine things your B2B customers aren’t telling you plus a way to fix each one:

  1. Your online portal is dated. We dread having to use it because the interface is clunky and cumbersome. FIX IT: Log in to your ecommerce portal and look at it as if you had never seen it before. What jumps out at you as being unattractive or hard to use? Plan a portal update and make sure these items make the list. Better still, ask your customers what they would change about your portal–and LISTEN to what they say.
  2. I don’t shop with you because I can’t purchase online. I just go to your competitor who offers ecommerce instead. FIX IT: If you haven’t launched a B2B ecommerce site yet, you’re missing out. The reality is that your competition is offering ecommerce functionality or will be soon. Get an ecommerce initiative started ASAP. (Need more convincing? Check out what Akron Hardware discovered when they launched their B2B ecommerce site.)
  3. I abandoned my cart because the shipping and handling costs were too high. Had I seen the pricing earlier, I would have been prepared or made different decisions. FIX IT: You can never share shipping and handling charges too early. Call out the items that are potentially expensive to ship early in the process so your customer doesn’t go through sticker shock and abandon their cart. Consider offering free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount or on big-ticket items where shipping costs might be a deciding factor.
  4. I’m actively shopping the competition. Via the Internet, I am able to compare your pricing and service options against competitors anywhere in the world. FIX IT: The hard truth is that you can’t keep your customers from shopping the competition–but you can make sure that the customer service and product quality you provide are so personalized and on-point that your customers can’t be swayed to take their business elsewhere. Notice that I didn’t say your prices were better–it’s your customer service and product quality that can’t be replicated. Use them to your advantage.
  5. Your pricing and service don’t fare well when stacked up against the competition. The more I learn about your competitors, the more I think about moving my business to them. FIX IT: Ouch! This one hurts. If you can’t compete on price or on service or product quality, prepare to pass your business to competitors. Focus on providing VALUE to your customer.
  6. Relationship matters, but it’s not how I decide where to purchase. I’m looking for exceptional pricing, industry-leading services and a customer-centered culture. FIX IT: Another hard truth about B2B business is that while relationships still matter, they don’t matter AS MUCH as they used to. The reality is that relationship alone won’t get you through anymore. Focus on providing exceptional pricing or services or quality PLUS the relationship your customers have come to expect.
  7. I appreciate images when completing an ecommerce order. While this isn’t a personal online shopping transaction, it should still be appealing. FIX IT: Add a few well-placed images to your B2B ecommerce portal to engage your visitors. They might be making business purchases, but a consumer is still a consumer, regardless of who is paying. Make your site enjoyable to look at.
  8. Your website talks over my head. I work in this industry and I can’t follow all the acronyms and industry jargon. It’s like alphabet soup! FIX IT: Too many acronyms make it hard for customers to sift through the information on your site. Define each acronym once on every page where you use it–no exceptions. Don’t expect your customers to keep track of your fancy abbreviations for things. And don’t assume “everyone knows what XYZ means.” They don’t.
  9. Your website talks to me like I’m an idiot. I am a professional in this industry and I don’t appreciate being talked down to when I visit your site. FIX IT: While you need to provide information for professionals of every experience level in your industry, make sure you don’t talk down to your core audience. Provide robust product information on every page with the option to dig deeper into the basics via linked keywords or “learn more” buttons.

What you don’t know can hurt you and your ecommerce success! Fixing the untold mistakes on your ecommerce site will keep site visitors on your site longer and will increase your conversion rate.

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