Mobile E Commerce Posts You Might Have MissedMobile ecommerce is quickly growing in demand within busines-to-business (B2B) circles. Business consumers are used to placing orders via mobile devices in their personal lives and are beginning to insist on having the same level of buying convenience in their business purchases. Savvy B2B companies are taking notice and are launching B2B mobile initiatives.

As a result, I wanted to highlight five B2B ecommerce blog posts that you might have missed over the past year or so to ensure that you have the information you need to make an informed decision about mobile commerce for your business.

  1. Your Mobile B2B Ecommerce Strategy Matters. Unsure of why you should be thinking about mobile commerce for your B2B organization? Check out this post for statistical specifics that should easily convince you.
  2. Will B2B Ecommerce Go Mobile? The short answer is yes, but this post supplies nifty charts and graphs that prove why my affirmative answer is correct. Need further convincing? Check out this article as well: B2B Ecommerce Will Go Mobile.
  3. Mobile Commerce: Why Consumers Buy and What It Means to B2B Ecommerce. If you’ve ever wondered why a B2B customer might want to place an order via mobile commerce, this article will tell you.
  4. Consistent Branding in Mobile Commerce. A review of how site branding matters on both your traditional ecommerce site as well as your mobile site.
  5. Mobile E-Commerce Growth Through 2016. Mobile commerce is poised for exceptional growth in the B2B ecommerce space. Learn more about how fast industry experts and analysts project that mobile will grow in this article.