We see it every day: B2B eCommerce is emerging fast in a world of B2C. What does this mean for you, as a manufacturer or distributor? It means you need a commerce solution now, so that your business won’t be left in the dust.  Independent analyst firm Forrester Research recognizes the importance of a B2B focus for online commerce efforts, and will be publishing its first-ever rankings devoted to B2B eCommerce. We are honored to announce that Insite will be a part of Forrester’s B2B ecommerce wave, slated to be announced in the coming week. At Insite we pride ourselves on being the sole B2B-focused provider in the enterprise commerce marketplace. You may not know us well, but Insite’s solutions were developed for and have grown up in B2B. We understand that B2B business requires unique eCommerce functionality such as customer-only portals, tiered pricing, customer verification for sensitive product purchase, and quick order input mechanisms. We understand what it takes to integrate B2B commerce into your organization. With all this in mind, our team has developed a platform that is built for you, with B2B-driven functionality while providing the rich user interface and dynamic content your B2B buyers have come to expect in eCommerce transactions. Don’t just take our word for it –come back to Insite Commerce next week to get your complimentary copy once the wave is published!