One of my associates here in the office is an avid photographer. She knows that I have an avid photographer in my life and recently showed me a cool camera strap that I might want to consider as a gift for said individual. When she recommended the camera strap, she sent me a link to the manufacturer’s website and I was delighted to discover not only a cutting-edge camera strap, but an exceptional example of ecommerce product content as well.

Today’s blog post will examine a product page on the website.

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Full Page
(Click on the image above to go directly to the website and interact with the page directly.)

Here are a the nine things that I love about this BlackRapid camera strap product page (with the clear understanding that I have no affinity to BlackRapid specifically, camera straps or photography other than being appreciative of others’ work). Consider how your product pages stack up.

1. Product variations. BlackRapid offers two different versions of this woman’s camera strap. Identical other than in the fabric used to create the cushiony part of the strap, BlackRapid scores a win by unobtrusively presenting both options for sale on the same page. This eliminates the need for the visitor to surf between pages to decide which strap they wish to purchase. As the old ecommerce adage goes, the fewer the clicks, the better and BlackRapid does a great job of following this best practice here.

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Variations

2. Product availability. Upon visiting the RS-W1 Women camera strap page on, two availability issues are immediately addressed by the manufacturer. First, BlackRapid is quick to call out the fact that the strap is available in two materials–balistic nylon and a more feminine, “classic floral” design–right at the top of the page. Kudos to them for calling out this fact in a small red type face that catches the eye to inform the visitor but doesn’t derail the rest of the page design. Second, BlackRapid informs the visitor of the stock availability for both strap styles just above the “Add to Cart” link.

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Availability

3. Promotional content. Following an often missed or overlooked ecommerce best practice, BlackRapid utilizes a short paragraph of what can be best described as informative promotional content. This is the perfect (and most natural) place to utilize product-specific keywords to ensure that the page ranks well in search engine results. It also provides some high level information about the product right away which will help the visitor confirm that they are on the right page of the BlackRapid site.

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Promotional Content

4. Alternate images. Alternate product images are often used to help site visitors to get around the fact that they can’t touch the product before they buy. On this product page, BlackRapid takes it one step further and provides a variety of alternate images that explain exactly how the camera strap is to be used. Kudos for choosing a model that directly reflects the camera strap’s intended audience! (You’re probably thinking, “Duh!” but this is a consideration that is often overlooked!)

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Alternate Images

5. Cross-sells and up-sells. While BlackRapid doesn’t utilize overt cross-sells and up-sells, the left navigational menu does double duty in this instance. Page visitors are able to clearly see the other camera straps available for purchase (highlighted area A) in the event that the RS-WS 1 isn’t what they wanted (up-selling) and the accessories and other complementary items shown in the lower half of the left nav (highlighted area B) successfully let page visitors know that BlackRapid sells more than just camera straps (cross-selling).

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Cross Sell Up Sell

6. Downloadable instructions. BlackRapid’s offering of a downloadable PDF of instructions for the camera strap right on the product page made my inner nerd squeal with glee! Downloadable resources are often overlooked completely or are hidden on some obscure page that the customer isn’t likely to find. BlackRapid successfully posts their download in plain site without derailing their page’s look and feel.

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Downloadable Instructions

7. Product demo video. This is another often overlooked but seriously powerful product page tool–the on-page video. BlackRapid showcases an instructional video that tells potential shoppers how to use the strap while pointing out the features that make this strap different from the others on the market. You could utilize this space on your page to showcase purely promotional product spots, short customer case studies or video footage of your customers telling the viewer how amazing you and your products are.

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Demo Video

8. Images that represent the brand and the intended users. Images are powerful tools for success on the web, but only if the right images are selected. BlackRapid, being a company that supplies accessories to photographers, has exceptional photographs on this product page. The image is relevant to the product being sold, shows the target market using the product (i.e. a happy female photographer) and fits the site’s overall look and feel. In short, the image looks like it belongs on the page.

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Happy Photographer Image

9. Links to related information. Toward the bottom of the page, BlackRapid includes additional promotional copy that builds on the information offered in the first blurb of promotional copy. What’s more, within this copy, BlackRapid links key terms to other pages on the site via hyperlink. This allows site visitors to easily learn more about key terms they are not familiar with.

Exceptional Example of E Commerce Product Content Hot Links

Through innovative design and thoughtful inclusion of critical product information, BlackRapid demonstrates their comprehensive understanding of not only what makes a professional-grade camera strap great, but what makes buying online a pleasure. How does your ecommerce site stack up?

To learn more about effective use of content on your website, download the white paper, Content is King–How Updating Website Content Improves Ecommerce Sales.