So, last week we talked about what exceptional static content is and what it can do for your ecommerce site. No doubt, it’s good stuff and essential to your success. But dynamic (a.k.a. “interactive”) content takes that success to the next level. (Note: Make sure your ecommerce site is sufficiently stocked with static content before moving on to the dynamic stuff. Static content is cheaper to add to your site and is really the “meat and potatoes” of your content.)

So, what is dynamic content? Glad you asked. It’s the content on your ecommerce site that changes when the user interacts with it. (Hence, it’s alter ego name, “interactive content.”) Here are some examples of interactive content you can add to your ecommerce site to increases site traffic and conversions:

  • Product photo gallery. Give the shopper multiple views of your product (think different angles) and allow them to click on the view they want to see. Love ’em or hate ’em, Apple offers an attractive product photo gallery (shown in the red box below).

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - Photo Gallery

  • Interactive images. This is where the static image goes high-tech and allows the user to zoom in on a specific part of the photo. 360° Product Views would fall into this category as well. An example of a 360° Product View from Ford’s Fiesta website follows.

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - Interactive Images

  • Product demonstration videos.  Online shoppers can’t touch the products they are buying. Images don’t show how a product works. That’s where product demonstration videos come in. Another example from Apple follows below (in the red box) showing off its newest laptop.

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - Product Demonstration Videos

  • Product commercials or “promo spots.”  Apple’s product demonstrations could also be put in this category as they are as promotional as they are informational. Car companies are also good in this category.
  • Video reviews. Traditional, written customer reviews are incredibly powerful. Imagine how much more powerful video-based customer product reviews can be. Check out the following video review for Kindle from (Pssst–in the B2B world, these video reviews are called “video case studies” and they are equally as effective!)

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - customer video reviews

  • Product locater. Fact is, plenty of consumers comparison shop online and then purchase in person. Help them find the closest location with the product they want using a product locater like the one below from

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - Product locators

  • Shipping calculator and arrival date estimator. Let your customers make informed decisions about which shipping method will work best for them. The example below from allows shoppers to choose by arrival date–clearly stated to the right of the shipping service type–or by price–as the order total changes price according to which service type they choose.

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - Interactive Shipping calculators

  • Product configurator. If you’ve ever “window shopped” for a car by customizing all of the trim options, you’ve experienced a product configurator. Help your customers design exactly what they need with your products–use a configurator. Check out the configurator from

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - Product Configurators

  • Product quiz. Some of your customers want you to tell them the best product to meet their needs. Check out the “Help Me Choose” quiz from Stellar application of helping the customer choose your product!

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - Product quizzes

  • Product comparisons. How many times have you wanted to see two products side-by-side to compare features? Give your customers the opportunity to compare makes and models. Here allows you to compare up to four of their automobiles side-by-side.

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - Product Comparisons

  • Competitor comparisons. So sure of your product that you would gladly go head-to-head with your competition? Offer impartial and accurate comparisons of your product stacked up against the competition. Check out the following from

Exceptional Ecommerce Content: Dynamic Content - Competitor Comparisons

The last few examples were from only because they had such great, pure examples of each of the types of content that weren’t blended with other functionality. I have no affiliation with them.

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