Engage Ecommerce Customers With Automated EmailsSo, we all know it’s easier to ask a current customer to buy again than to convince a prospect to buy for the first time. No matter whether your focus is B2B or B2C, successful ecommerce sites stay in constant contact with their customers, reminding them to reengage using automated emails.

Automated emails can inform a customer that their favorite product is back in stock, encourage the customer to reengage with an abandoned cart, or promote a new item that compliments the customer’s most recent purchase (a.k.a. cross-sell).

Are you taking full advantage of your ecommerce site’s automated email capability? Consider the following opportunities to “stay in touch” with your customer using triggered email campaigns:

  • Post-purchase thank you messages. Your site sends out order confirmations–take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to your customer again. Thank them for their purchase and offer them an incentive to return and purchase again soon, such as a discount coupon or free shipping on their next order.
  • Abandoned cart remarketing emails. So, your customer put some items in their basket with the intent to purchase and then, for one reason or another, left the cart behind. Set up an automated email to remind the shopper of their abandoned cart and offer them an incentive to come back and complete the purchase. Learn more about abandoned cart remarketing here.
  • Abandoned cart follow up survey. You might also want to follow up with a shopper that abandons a cart to get feedback on WHY they left your site. In doing so, you might discover that your checkout process is too long, shipping costs too much, or the customer doesn’t feel confident enough in your payment gateway to make the purchase.
  • Happy birthday to you! If you know your customer’s birthday, send them a birthday wish, with an invitation to stop by and pick out something nice for themselves. Ditto for anniversaries and other special occasions that you know about. Consider offering them a discount off of their order or a no-strings-attached freebie to celebrate the occasion.
  • Send order reminder emails. If your site sells consumable goods that an individual or a company needs on a regular basis, such as medical items, janitorial supplies, or printer toner cartridges, estimate when their supply should run out and remind them to place their replenishment order. Incent them to replenish their supply before a certain date to secure a discount on their order.
  • New customer follow up emails. When a new customer places an order on your site, email them with a special offer on their second purchase, regardless of the time frame.
  • Special pricing on items they love. If a customer continually orders a specific item from your site, email them and let them know when that product is on sale or is the focus of a promotion.
  • Wish list reminders. Customers put items on a wish list when they want to come back and purchase them later. Remind customers of what items are on their wish lists and encourage them to come back and reengage.

Don’t let the opportunity slip away to reconnect with your customer! Start that automated email campaign today!