Educate Your E Commerce CustomersYour ecommerce customers want to be educated. Seriously–they do. The reality is that the Internet is an incredibly powerful research tool and your customers are searching online now. Today. And if you’re not providing the information that your customers want–that they need to make their buying decision–you are not only doing your customers a huge disservice, you are risking losing sales.

I am trying to learn to like tea in an attempt to give up drinking soda. The trouble is I don’t know much about tea and a friend suggested that I get a tea maker. I had no idea that there was such a thing. Apparently there are a number of varieties available from the traditional infuser style all the way to really fancy–and expensive–gadgets that will heat your water to a specific temperature for the variety of tea you are drinking and even stop the steeping process so that the tea doesn’t get bitter. I was quickly overwhelmed since this was all news to me and I had no idea what type of tea would be a good starting place for a novice iced tea drinker.

As I was poking around on various sites looking at my tea maker options, I found myself wishing that someone would tell me what types of tea work best for iced tea, how to brew your first batch and that sort of thing. A Tea for Newbies resource to help people like me.

Yes, I know that I can go to one of those fancy tea shoppes and ask. But I have a confession–I am intimidated by them. I am so completely out of my element that I would prefer to research on my own first, online.

The manufacturers of the tea makers I was considering could have definitely won me over with some basic “starter info” about tea. Given the right resource, I probably would have purchased their tea maker without much thought.

The Take Away

Manufacturers and distributors that provide the information the shopper is looking for is the most likely to get the sale on the merit of being the expert in their field. What information could you be providing for your customers that would make it easier for them to purchase from you? If you’re not providing the information they want, chances are they will leave your site to get it.