Perhaps you are making the move to B2B eCommerce transformation, either by adopting a digital strategy for the first time or by replatforming an outmoded eCommerce system. The initiative is sure to be transformative for your entire organization. Specialty distributer Hisco, Inc. has successfully made the daunting journey and has advice: One of the first things you should do is make a full evaluation of the changes that will be required in each area of your organization to support a new eCommerce offering.

Gauge Necessary Changes Early in the eCommerce Process

Early in the planning stages of Hisco’s move to InsiteCommerce, their new B2B eCommerce solution, Hisco’s eCommerce leaders evaluated all areas of the business to get a complete understanding of how each area would need to change. From product offering and product data, to pricing and warehouse distribution, to customer support and software testing, significant changes would need to be made.

7  key changes Hisco anticipated in their digital transformation include:

  • Pricing methodology — Pricing needed to work for existing large customers as well as for a website that provides competitive pricing; and the pricing methodologies of Hisco and its acquired companies needed to be in alignment.
  • Distribution network — The existing network warehouse locations in the U.S., Mexico and Canada would need to expand their capabilities to accommodate for growth in online demand.
  • Product offering — Previously, product offering was driven by large-customer demand. With eCommerce in place, the product offering would need to be more market oriented, and include input from suppliers as well as their acquired divisions.
  • Product data — Substantial growth in the richness of product data would be needed to meet online customer expectations, including product information such as images, technical data sheets, videos, and descriptions. Learn more about product information management solutions (PIM) >
  • Customer service — Developing and training a web support team would be needed to help customers via chat, email and phone, as they migrate to the online channel.
  • Marketing — New skills and activities would be needed for online marketing and website design.
  • System integration and testing — Insite had expertise integrating with Hisco’s ERP system, but some work would be needed to ensure full integration. Thorough functional and performance testing would also be needed to ensure top website performance.

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