Insite Software Home PageIt’s been said that the cobbler’s kid has no shoes. Too busy making shoes for other people, the cobbler inadvertantly runs out of time to make shoes for his own child. And so Junior runs around without shoes at all. While it’s ironic, it isn’t on purpose–it just sort of happens that way. At Insite, we’ve experienced a similar phenomenon.

For the past six years we’ve focused 100% of our energy on building the most deeply integrated software solutions for our clients. In the process of developing ecommerce sites that include B2B and B2C industry best practices, and helping our shipping clients optimize their shipping and fulfillment functions, our corporate site was a tidge neglected. So, we set out to make sure that this cobbler’s kid has a pair of shoes that not only covers his feet, but shows off the handiwork of the cobbler. Welcome to our new website!

To be completely honest, we are thrilled to have a new site to showcase the work that we do! Our new site design pulls together product information from four individual sites to create a cohesive Insite Software brand and online presence at Our new logo and branding visually links InsiteCommerce, InsiteShip, and InsiteManifest with Insite Software and helps the user understand that while these software platforms can stand alone, they can also work in concert together to provide a fully-integrated enterprise solution.

We think you’ll enjoy some of the industry must-haves that we included, such as links to product videos; direct links to social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; this nifty, industry-focused blog; as well as details about Insite Software’s leadership team, history, philosophy, and current job openings. This is in addition to the robust product information that we’ve always had.

Take a look around the site. Feel free to post a comment or two in the comments section of this blog. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog to keep tabs on what’s going on behind the scenes at Insite. We think you’ll love it and we look forward to seeing where our new “shoes” take us on the next leg of our journey.