No one sets out on an ecommerce initiative with the intent to do a crummy job, much less fail, but it happens all the time. Lack of quality content plays a major role in the success of an ecommerce site–only second to usability. (If the customer can’t navigate the site, the quality of its content is a moot point, they aren’t likely to see it anyway.) Internet Retailer states that 72% of shoppers indicate that incomplete product information would cause them to abandon a site to research further or shop on a competitor’s site.


A harsh reality, but it makes sense. Online shopping takes place in a virtual world and customers rely robust product information and descriptions to get a clear sense of what they are buying. Pictures and videos become a substitute for being able to hold or touch a product. Customer reviews provide other users’ opinions of how the product lived up to their expectations in real time. Spec sheets relay shipping weights, overall dimensions, and other details that a potential buyer needs to know. Without this information, a shopper is unlikely to feel confident enough to make a purchase.

Dynamic and engaging content also attracts the attention of search engine crawlers. The more robust content you have available, the more the search engine crawlers view you, and your site, as the expert on those products. Being considered an “expert” in your field pushes your site up on the search engine results pages, giving you a better shot at securing the visitor’s “click.” And that’s the goal of any ecommerce site–to get the click and convert a visitor to a customer.

Don’t let your ecommerce site fail because of a lack of engaging content. Learn more about how content management plays a role in attracting visitors to your site and converting those visitors to customers, check out the following video:

In ecommerce, content matters. Make sure your site gives your customers all of the information they need to complete their purchase.

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