Turkey Day is fast approaching and ecommerce is not about to miss out on the biggest shopping days of the year that follow the feasting. While historically ecommerce sites only offer deep holiday shopping discounts on Cyber Monday (the Monday immediately following Thanksgiving and Black Friday), this year some major players are launching their efforts now in an effort to scoop up more of the holiday shopping pie. Check out what some of the big guys are doing–should your ecommerce site follow suit?


Walmart’s ecommerce strategy seems to hinge around three things: special offers only available online, bundling with special prices, and free shipping. Walmart is making key bundles/special offers only available through their ecommerce store, driving shoppers online to get more for the same price they’d pay for the original purchase anyway. Case in point–Apple doesn’t allow discounting of it’s products, including iPod. All retailers are within a dollar or so of each other. To combat this, Walmart is bundling the player with an accessories bundle. And most of the online offers feature free shipping to store or home as an added bonus.

Ecommerce Pre-Cyber Monday Holiday Promotion Strategies - Walmart

The kicker? All of these offers are available NOW, not on Cyber Monday like you would expect and the offers are while supplies last–creating a sense of urgency for shoppers.

Toys R Us

Toys R US is getting in on the early holiday offer act too–check out the free shipping available now on any order over $49!

Ecommerce Pre-Cyber Monday Holiday Promotion Strategies - Toys R Us

Interesting non-ecommerce observation: Layaway has made a reappearance, garnering another way for Toys R Us to capture holiday dollars even while the economy is still recovering.


Target has managed to keep their holiday sales intentions something of a mystery, but they are already featuring free shipping on “hot toys” and implors shoppers to “skip the lines” and get the free shipping.

Ecommerce Pre-Cyber Monday Holiday Promotion Strategies - Target

I anticipate that there will be more holiday promotions slowly fed to online shoppers as we get closer to Cyber Monday.


Sears is boldly asking for the holiday shopping dollars by featuring “Cyber Monday Now” with special pricing on both large and small ticket items. Interesting twist–you can use the code “SANTA” to get the item shipped to you for free or to order the item today at the low price and pick it up in store today.

Ecommerce Pre-Cyber Monday Holiday Promotion Strategies - Sears


HP.com is anticipating that consumers will be looking for big ticket computer items and has already started their cyber deals for the season. Check out the two they are currently running. The first is a “pre-Black Friday offer” featuring savings on a computer with an upgraded hard drive, plus free shipping:

Ecommerce Pre-Cyber Monday Holiday Promotion Strategies - HP 1

Additionally,HP.com is offering a $25 discount off of a future $100 purchase when you buy anything online today.

Ecommerce Pre-Cyber Monday Holiday Promotion Strategies - HP 2


Zales.com is taking a different tactic to pre-Cyber Monday sales. The jeweler is revealing new cyber-specials every Friday morning through Black Friday and has been since October 1st. This keeps the shopper engaged each week to see what is available. The selection also appears to be improving with each reveal.

Ecommerce Pre-Cyber Monday Holiday Promotion Strategies - Zales

I would bet that Zales.com shoppers can expect to see a pretty amazing Cyber Monday offer as well.

These online holiday deals are only the tip of the iceberg. Expect to see more ecommerce-specific deals and special offers as we get closer and closer to Black Friday.

What is your ecommerce site doing to capture a share of holiday dollars?