Ecommerce Emails: Changes Coming to CAN-SPAM RulesYesterday I launched a post that discussed how ecommerce marketers could regain dollars lost to cart abandonment using email remarketing campaigns. One of my readers brought up the issue of how email marketing laws vary from country to country. An article on B2B Online today indicates that in the next 12-36 months additional laws regulating email and privacy will come into play, both in the United States and abroad. These regulations will enhance the CAN-SPAM regulations that are already in place.  Read the entire article here.

While I still believe that remarketing to shoppers who abandon carts can be an exceptional tool for recovering lost sales, in coming days ecommerce marketers are going to have to be even more transparent about what information they are collecting, when they are collecting it, how it will be used, if it will be shared or sold, etc. This will benefit not only the consumer who wishes to remain anonymous, but I’ll wager that these new regulations will also help focus ecommerce marketers on developing stronger relationships with their customers so that they can continue to reach out to them via email.

Time will tell how these new regulations will affect remarketing and outbound ecommerce email campaigns. Continued commitment to collecting and using customer information in the most ethical way possible is sure to keep you and your ecommerce site out of the fray.