Ecommerce Best Practices: An Easy Way to Improve SEOWe just launched the second video segment of our Ecommerce Website Best Practices series entitled, Get Found: Driving More Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site. In the video as well as in the white paper, we look at how implementing SEO and SEM can substantially drive qualified new traffic to your site and how using these techniques is the only sure way to deliver a continuous stream of traffic to your site.

This morning I happened upon an article by Mark Jackson from ClickZ called Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website that gives you another way to easily drive SEO on your site: host a blog.

Before you tell me why blogging isn’t for you and that EVERYONE is hosting a blog, consider Jackson’s reasoning: Blogs develop lots of links for your site and blogs present you as a thought leader in your industry.

The linking thing is a no-brainer. Creating quality inbound links is the number one way you can drive SEO for your site, plain and simple. Jackson’s data for his blog shows quickly how a blog can drive some serious link traffic to your site.

The idea of “thought leadership” is another critical reason to host a blog on your corporate website. It’s important to be the source of information for your customers and target audience. If they aren’t getting their information from you, they are probably getting it from your competition. Don’t give them a reason to meander over to your competitor’s site–start offering essential and timely industry information now via your very own corporate blog.

The more information you share in your blog, the more links you will get, which makes your blog a turbo-engine for SEO. And it’s largely free to host a blog, outside of the time it takes to post a couple of times a week. Need some ideas on where to get a blog hosting platform for free? Check out this link to 40 free blog hosts.

One more point that Jackson mentions and that can’t be mentioned enough–your blog isn’t a mini commercial for your product. (Resist the urge to sell! It’s hard, but you can do it!) Your blog is truly an informational resource for your target audience. The moment your audience starts to feel like they are being sold to, they’ll disappear. They don’t want to be sold to–they want information. And if you help them with their questions without trying to “sell them,” you stand a better chance of getting their business when they are ready to buy.