Ecommerce as a B2B Growth Strategy

From experience, I know how important ecommerce is to a B2B company’s growth strategy given our current economic conditions. But my knowing this to be true on a gut level won’t convince you–you must fully understand it for yourself.

To that end, I wanted to share two powerful quotes that I discovered recently as I was preparing for my next webinar, B2B Ecommerce Strategies – A Discussion for Manufacturers and Distributors. Here they are:

According to the Managing Automation’s recent article, Internet Is Engine of Manufacturers’ Growth, Study Says,

“The industrial manufacturing sector is leading the U.S. economy out of the recession on the strength of a number of key growth strategies … selling into new industries, innovating to develop new products and services, and leveraging the Internet to pick up the pace of business are the top growth drivers. Of the 1,176 respondents to the survey, 71% said their online strategy would be important or critical. The Internet, it turns out, has taken center stage in this recovery.

In another study by BtoB Magazine on 2010 Outlook: Marketing Priorities and Plans,

“…within online marketing, the top areas that will see spending increases include Web site development (70.7% plan increases), e-mail marketing (68.6%), search marketing (62.3%), social media (60.3%)…”

Not only is ecommerce essential for driving B2B business growth, it’s at the center of our economic recovery.

How are you harnessing ecommerce to assure your B2B company grows in 2011?

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Linda Taddonio, Chief Ecommerce Strategy OfficerLinda Taddonio is Chief Ecommerce Strategy Officer at Insite Software. She can be reached at Learn more about Linda’s upcoming webinars and speaking engagements here.

Photo credit: iChaz – Charlie Ambler.