Ecommerce and Sales TaxWhat’s your take on taxing ecommerce purchases?

Since the start of the Internet, all ecommerce transactions have been blissfully tax-free. This meant that in states where in-store purchases of clothing and shoes required a sales tax, consumers could log on to the retailer’s website and buy the same items without having to pay sales tax.

A welcome relief to many consumers, this perfectly legal way to shirk state sales tax has weighed heavily on state governments, especially in recent years where many states are experiencing the pinch of budgetary shortages.

There have always been disgruntled rumblings about sales tax and ecommerce transactions, but the recent business between Amazon and the State of California has brought the sales tax issue to a head.

Just yesterday it was announced that it seems California and Amazon have reached a temporary solution which saves Amazon’s California consumers from paying sales tax for at least another year.  (See the article in Internet Retailer here.)

My question is this: How will the requirement to collect state sales tax affect your ecommerce strategy? If you are a B2B company with an ecommerce channel, do you feel that sales tax will affect you in the same way as your B2C counterparts?

Please weigh in below—I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.

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