Ecommerce Truth Innovate or DieI guess I’m feeling a little more blunt than usual as I write this post–but I think it’s high time that we stop pretending that ecommerce is an optional business strategy for business-to-business (B2B) organizations. It’s not.

Ecommerce is quite simply the most powerful business strategy available to B2B organizations today and to dismiss it as viable strategy is to toy with extinction.

Let me put it another way: There’s lots of speculation was to why the dinosaurs no longer walk the Earth. Some people say it was a meteor, others a flood, some have no idea at all. Regardless of why they aren’t here, the fact remains that the dinosaurs are gone. Fierce or not, sharp teeth or not, big as a city bus or not–they’re gone. Something took them out even though they were the fiercest predators around.

The lesson for today’s manufacturers and distributors is clear: It doesn’t matter how big your company is today or how locked in you think your customer base is–the fact remains that if you don’t begin to innovate, you’re not likely to survive as your customers move to ecommerce. And don’t fool yourself into thinking that your customers won’t begin buying your products online. The recent launch of is a clear indicator that businesses are buying electrical components and cases of toilet paper and office equipment online. I mean, really–Amazon would not be investing in a waning market segment would they?

So, innovate or die. Change your business model and figure out how to conduct your business online with ecommerce or risk going the way of the dinosaur.

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