ceo discussion series value propositionManufacturing and distribution leaders everywhere are facing challenges and finding opportunities as they navigate the rapid and disruptive digital shift impacting their businesses. Many distributors find themselves trapped in a world of sameness. Successful leaders drive change, transformation and innovation by striving for value propositions based on the real voice of the customer and a real and significant need not being met by others.

We explore this topic as part of a four-part discussion series, “The New CEO Strategies for Creating Value in the Digital Age.” It is designed to help CEOs and Senior Executives of Manufacturers and Distributors lead in these disruptive times by building a culture of change, transformation, and innovation.

Co-sponsored by Insite Software, UnleashWD and Internet Retailer, the series provides proven case studies and specific action plans for you to take the first steps to ignite your innovation efforts and create value for your organization.

Compelling and Inspiring Value Propositions as Drivers of Innovation

Watch the second session of the on-demand discussion series for an insightful conversation among leading experts on driving innovation in a world of sameness with inspiring and customer-centric value propositions. Guy Blisset, author of Facing the Forces of Change, drills into a number of key business drivers including social, eCommerce, mobile and analytics to demonstrate how you can harness these technologies to innovate the customer experience. Led and moderated by UnleashWD founder, Dirk Beveridge, and Insite Software co-founder and Chief eCommerce Officer, Linda Taddonio. Watch the discussion to learn about:

  • Why wholesale distributors are caught in a world of sameness.
  • How the customer experience is being transformed.
  • Who has innovated around the value proposition and how they did it.
  • Why you need to stop obsessing over differentiation.

More Than Just Inspiring Value Propositions

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