Dont Let AmazonSupply com Eat Your B2B Ecommerce LunchLast week a few colleagues and I were talking about the recent launch of and the implications for B2B organizations, specifically wholesalers and distributors. The consensus in the room was that while it is only in the beginning of its lifecycle, will be a major competitor and influencer in the B2B ecommerce space and that B2B organizations should not dismiss the potential impact. Rather, they should create a strategy that boosts their performance in the ecommerce space before eats their lunch.

Not sure that poses a threat to your organization? Think again. Let’s consider for a minute how bricks-and-mortar book stores have fared since the launch of the original–originally an online book merchant. Likewise, think about how Best Buy is having to drastically reconsider it’s sales strategy–bricks-and-mortar and online–in light of people taking sales to the Web instead of the local Best Buy store–and this is happening AFTER two of Best Buy’s main competitors, Circuit City and CompUSA, have gone out of business! If you need a stunning graphic to drive the mass and power of Amazon home, consider how much more business does than

Dont Let AmazonSupply0 com Eat Your B2B Ecommerce Lunch Walmart Amazon Chart

Be certain that Amazon is going to leverage its online advantage and sheer mass to ensure that quickly becomes the online category leader for B2B merchandise. This is a big change for the world of wholesale distribution and smart B2B organizations will ensure that their ecommerce site is strongly positioned to withstand the coming wave.