Distributors in E Commerce CAN Compete With AmazonSupply

The recent launch of AmazonSupply.com challenges the ongoing success of wholesalers and distributors in the industrial, scientific, and business supply verticals. No doubt, by now you’ve wondered how your B2B organization can compete in the ecommerce space with the likes of Amazon. Not only do I believe that can you compete, but I believe that your B2B wholesale or distribution organization can flourish alongside AmazonSupply.com.

How? Simple.

You can compete with AmazonSupply and grow at the same time by leveraging their weaknesses and focusing on what you do best. As luck would have it, Amazon’s weaknesses in the B2B space and your strengths are the same things. The most important edge that you have is your existing relationships with customers. 

Amazon is definitely the leader in the world of ecommerce, but they will not be able to establish the personal relationships that an independent wholesaler or distributor can. Leverage your personal relationships with your customers to provide exceptional personalized service and AmazonSupply’s lower prices will be quickly forgotten.