Digital Commerce

In the report Predicts 2014: eCommerce Becomes Digital For Those That Can Adapt Fast, technology research firm Gartner, Inc. states that “eCommerce is becoming a master system, or system of differentiation, for all front-end touch points” and “Digital commerce is evolving at a faster pace than most organizations can respond to.”

Yet, most manufacturers and distributors are looking to establish a solid foundation capable of carrying them into this fast paced future. With the pace of change, businesses must lay the digital commerce foundation as quickly as possible, and for most, much more quickly than in their traditional approach to technology.

Your customers already expect some of this and their expectations are rising every day.

Expand Your Capabilities

If we collectively put pressure on the land phase and lay the foundation in a 6 to 9 month window, your organization is then positioned to quickly expand, and even better yet, to act on new and disruptive ideas.

While your vision may not be clear, fueling this journey is important and learning as you go applies to everyone. That’s why the land, then expand, then disrupt approach is the most powerful model that helps you manage risk and pursue opportunity along the way.

Disrupt Your Competition

When you look at future predictions that are only 5 years out, organizations that succeed at digital transformation will experience significant gains. They will have an opportunity to:

  • move from existing B2C and B2B to models to models that focus on the individual customer experience, deemed “the new competitive battlefield” by Gartner, predicted to impact 70% of existing ecommerce activity by 2017.
  • experience a 30% reduction in the total cost of business operations
  • outsell competitors by 30% if fully invested in personalization
  • acquire more than 50% of their revenue through mobile devices

The stakes are high, the approach is vital.

Learn more about how to land a digital commerce foundation, expand your digital capabilities, disrupt your competition and successfully accomplish digital transformation.