Just a few weeks ago,  more than 100 people gathered in Chicago at UnleashWD’s Innovation Summit. For many, this was just the conference they needed to attend.  UnleashWD was created to  spark a wave of innovation within the wholesale distribution industry.  This summit’s goal is to get companies started on a path to a sustainable future. We were proud to sponsor this event and host the third day workshop on eCommerce.

The world of technology, along with the threat of Google and Amazon, is severely disrupting the way distributors do business. Seventeen storytellers joined this years’ summit to talk about their fields, offering ideas on business model design, leadership change, innovation and company culture.   Blinds.com CEO Jay Steinfeld opened UnleashWD by asking the question, “How do you define success?” The summit was filled with speakers from a wide variety of industries, telling their stories of innovation in their field. After each story teller, attendees then joined “Lift and Shift” sessions. Insite’s Chief eCommerce Strategy Officer, Linda Taddonio, led one of these sessions, providing attendees the opportunity to take the lessons learned during the presentations and apply their ideas to wholesale distribution.

“UnleashWD is a crucial conference for both distributors and manufacturers to attend,” Linda claims. “The ideas and innovation that come out of it can significantly change – for the better – each business that puts these ideas into action.” At Insite, we believe it is necessary to take action in the ways your organizations are doing business–especially given the disruption of the Internet, as well as huge competitors such as Google and Amazon.

Because we deeply believe in taking action, we hosted the morning workshop the day after the summit, for those attendees who wanted to dig deeper into eCommerce and learn how it can help your business. Linda Taddonio spoke more about how to address the problems distributors and manufacturers are facing, by learning about STORM – Strategies, Technology, Operational Change, Resources and Marketing.  How will you put a strategy into place? What technology will you implement? How will you allocate resources for this huge change? These are questions that will change what your business looks like in five years – and we hope you’ll take on the challenge.

If you missed the summit or morning workshop, we hope you will join us next year! In the meantime, check out our resources or reach out to us at info@insitesoft.com to learn more about how we can help you minimize the risk that impacts your business.