Insite Sitecore Blog ImageA positive online shopping experience is directly affected by a web site’s ability to provide a customer-centric online eCommerce experience. For Sitecore customers, having a built-in mechanism for managing customer web and eCommerce interactions can extend the strength of the Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform to enable a richer customer experience and an improved revenue stream.

While Sitecore and Insite Software have aligned to deliver an integrated solution in the past, these integration competencies have now been expanded. Improvements include Insite support for Sitecore 7.0, which allows Sitecore customers to manage customer web experiences and eCommerce sites from within the Sitecore 7.0 toolset.

Customers on a commerce web site driven by Sitecore are already receiving a customized, personalized experience. And, key to revenue generation is turning these already happy browsers into buyers.

With features like faceted search, multivariate testing, email campaign management, personalization, analytics, abandoned cart offers and more, aligning Insite with the Sitecore experience helps B2B manufacturers and distributors provide visitors with the services that convert visitors to customers, and keep them coming back for more.

Insite has a second Sitecore integration project currently under development: OBEC (out-of-the-box engagement for commerce). With OBEC, the goal is to make Sitecore integration with commerce systems as easy as possible and provide enterprise B2B manufacturers and distributors with an exceptional customer experience.

Insite for Sitecore provides the only .NET solution fully integrated within the Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform to serve the personalization requirements and sophisticated business rules for B2B commerce.

This integration combines two best-in-class strategic customer experience management software and execution systems, which allow enterprises to effectively manage web and e-commerce experiences in the same environment. In addition, the collaboration significantly reduces web development costs and lowers cost of ownership over the life of a commerce web site.

Brian Strojny,

Co-Founder, Insite Software