Connected CommerceBrand. It’s a word we use so often in business and marketing, yet its meaning tends to get bogged down with a lot of lofty notions, theories and philosophies. In its simplest form “A brand is a customer experience represented by a collection of images and ideas; often, it refers to a symbol such as a name, logo, slogan, and design scheme,” as defined by the American Marketing Association.1

That’s why when we decided it was time to refresh our brand and website, we let that basic brand principle guide us. First and foremost you our customer and your experience with Insite are at the center of it all. We know it’s something you can relate to, because we’ve had years of experience helping manufacturers and distributors like you with the challenges of bringing together customer experiences that connect your offline channels with your online channels.

A Brand Reflects Your Customer Experience Promise

We want our brand to tell you about who we are and how we help you overcome your toughest commerce challenges and exceed your business goals. Last week, to display our promise to you, we unveiled a whole new look and feel and new messaging on our website that reflect how you win with a true B2B business partner by your side.

As manufacturers and distributors steadily march toward the realm of multichannel existence, our goal is to connect your customers’ online and offline experiences and to drive more and better business outcomes for you and your customers, and to do it in ways that only experts and solutions truly grounded in B2B eCommerce can do.

Channels, Content, Commerce

Insite’s new brand reflects the Insite trifecta of connecting your business Channels, Content and Commerce to bring together disparate sales channels, integrate siloed information and coordinate transaction elements. The result is a powerful and unified eCommerce platform that drives your business.

Check out our new brand and website here:

Noteworthy details and fun facts about the new website:

  • Responsive design: Whether visiting our website from a smart phone, tablet or laptop, it looks and works great on all three!
  • Clients tab: See how your B2B eCommerce peers are succeeding.
  • Partners pages: See who Insite partners with that can make a difference in the outcome of your digital business journey.
  • Resources tab: Find a wealth of B2B eCommerce literature; from thought leadership pieces, to customer case studies, to solution data sheets, blogs, and other evidence-building documents, it’s all here.
  • Careers page: While we don’t make a habit of swiping talent from our customers, one or two of our prized employees might have once been a customer. Check out our workplace philosophy and job openings, and tell your friends.
  • Fresh new logo: With its featured endless-loop geometric shape, Mobius strip, the logo symbolizes the evolving nature of the marketplace and the need for business to continue to adapt. If you imagine traversing its surface, you never reach the end. Try it!

1 American Marketing Association Dictionary, June 2015