Creating an Ecommerce Launch TeamCreating an ecommerce launch team can make or break the launch of a new ecommerce site. Assemble the right team and you create a Dream Team that will power through the tasks at hand and get your project off the ground without a hitch. Leave out a key player or players and your ecommerce project will be riddled with errors, missing functionality and an overspent budget.

Here are the key players that should be on every ecommerce launch team:

  • The Big Kahuna. Without the endorsement of a high-ranking C-suite executive–preferably your CEO–any project, ecommerce or otherwise is going to run into problems when it comes time to approve budgets and long-term strategy. Save yourself the headache and get the Big Kahuna onboard from the start.
  • The Ecommerce Guy. Whether he has a fancy title that says “ecommerce” or not, The Ecommerce Guy is the one who will be required to manage the day-to-day maintenance of your site. He is likely to be heading up the ecommerce solution research and project scoping phase and may be an on-staff resource or a consultant.
  • The Marketing Leader. While the Marketing Leader in your organization may not play a day-to-day role in your selection of an ecommerce solution, it’s likely that she will have a certain set of system requirements. Get her laundry list of site functionality early in the process to make sure you are evaluating solutions that make it possible for her to harness ecommerce as a promotions tool.
  • The Sales Manager. Since the new ecommerce site is likely to be your company’s new best sales person, the Sales Manager is likely to have input on how the site sells your products. Specifically, he will want to make sure that a price change for his staff automatically generates the appropriate price change for the site and vice versa. He is also likely to want to make sure that the site isn’t undercutting his sales team on key products and services. Get him involved at the beginning and he is likely to be happier when the site goes live.
  • Your IT Staff. Without careful planning and consideration, your ecommerce site could become a thorn in the side of your IT staff. Biggies like integration and reporting are often left until the end of a project with the thought that, “IT will take care of that later,” only to discover that the solution you picked won’t integrate with your back-end systems or that IT doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to such a project. Get IT involved in your ecommerce platform selection process to avoid these costly mistakes. Keep in touch with them throughout the process–or, better yet–have at least one representative from the IT team in every ecommerce launch team meeting.
  • The Accounting Department. Ecommerce can be a blessing or a curse to your accounting department. Looping them in during the platform selection process ensures that the solution you choose integrates easily with their accounting system. If you can make sure that ecommerce makes the accounting department’s lives easier and not harder, you are pretty much guaranteed faster turn around times on your expense reports. 
  • The Product Manager. While you might not immediately identify the Product Manager as a “must have” on your ecommerce launch team, getting them involved will make your job easier. No one at your company knows your products and services better than your Product Manager and having them on your team will ensure that all of your product information is relevant and correct when the site goes live.

Assembling the right team makes all the difference when launching a new ecommerce initiative. Include the key players at your company to assure the best chances of ecommerce success.