Digital TransformationMost CIOs, CEOs and CMOs (C-Suite) are now involved with digital projects, and a significant number of executives understand that digital will play a prime role in driving organizational growth for the next several years. But transformative digital planning is often met with more ambivalence, resistance to change, and a more conservative eye by an organization’s financial leaders. Help your CFO scrutinize the investment by focusing on the long-term gains and the importance to the future of the company.

More Than Just Another IT Project

The sheer velocity and the invasive nature of digital transformation can be overwhelming to many organizations. CFOs can feel out of their element in many regards. So it’s no surprise that CFOs often show hesitation in making the investment in an organization’s digital future by being too conservative with the budget.

Responsible for allocating financial resources, CFOs hold the purse strings to a business’s future. And if a CFO perceives digital transformation as simply another “IT project” and not something that is vital to the future of the business, a company will likely not be able to put enough financial firepower forward to ensure success in making this transition.

Approach Digital Transformation with Realistic Expectations

To fully understand the resource requirements of a complete B2B eCommerce solution, it’s important for CFOs to see that it is more than just a technology buy. Digital business transformation is a multi-year corporate-wide effort, requiring resources to support the strategy, execution, continued push of eCommerce best practices, and ongoing tweaks and refinements from lessons learned.

Organizations must approach digital transformation with realistic resource expectations and with their CFO onboard as a champion. While seemingly a challenge to the CFO’s sensibilities, instituting B2B eCommerce solutions can enable organizations to gain efficiencies for greater revenues and lower expenses — something all CFOs can smile about.

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