Presenting ecommere digital strategyAre you in charge of leading the digital commerce strategy at your organization? To ensure that a transformative company-wide initiative of this scale rolls out successfully, you need to be more than just a project manager — you need to be an evangelist. The B2B eCommerce leader’s role is to evangelize the digital program vision to transform the customer experience, strive for operational excellence, and position eCommerce as a core part of the business.

Sell the Digital Strategy Internally

Persuading the whole organization on this vision can be very complex and it may take a long time to accomplish. It’s important to sell the digital strategy to the rest of the organization in a variety of compelling ways. Create an arsenal of engaging and consumable assets in support of the digital strategy to share with all stakeholders that includes these core components:

  • A visual explanation of the strategy using PowerPoint, video, or other graphical assets.
  • Journey maps that show how customers, employees, partners and distributors will interact with the digital experience.
  • A capability map of the features and functionality that will be supported with the eCommerce websites.
  • A formal business case.

Identify Quick Wins and Execute

Build early success and send visibility of that success to your executives early on, and get everyone in the company excited to the point that word starts spreading from one division to the next about the success they’ve seen with the new eCommerce program. To accomplish this, identify quick wins by choosing the first projects to work on and execute them quickly. Look across all your brands and divisions and try to identify not necessarily the big wins, but identify the quick wins, where you can get early success and lessons from rolling out eCommerce. Consider how critical the technology is to particular divisions or industries and how much those parts of the business will be disrupted by the move to digital engagement and digital commerce, when picking the best-suited projects for the initial rollout.

Build an Agile Roadmap to Digital Mastery

Be agile with the rollout and treat the projects as linked projects. You should have multiple projects underway simultaneously and embrace strong development methodologies. Have a firm plan for the next few months, with iterations after that on a less defined schedule to be set as the rollout progresses.

Plan and execute each of the projects as a series of independent changes. Where there is commonality, share practices. Monitor progress of the rollout of each project on a weekly and monthly basis, and have quarterly checkpoints with your senior stakeholders. Lastly, accept that some projects may fail and that B2B eCommerce may not necessarily be a fit for all your divisions and markets.


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