Better Ecommerce Product Filtering

Yesterday I told you about my adventure into the world of scrap booking and how that led me to a less-than-effective experience with product filtering on a key scrap booking ecommerce site. Today, I want to close the loop on the subject by showing you how another site utilizes filtering to effectively manage a large scrap booking SKU count and how that changes the user experience as a result.

Better E Commerce Product Filtering Close Up NavigationMy quest for the right embellishment for the cover of my Smash Book did not stop with my less-than-effective experience on the Archivers ecommerce site. In light of my disappointment with how the Archivers Annex ecommerce site handled filtering (and ultimately lost my purchase as a direct result), I thought I would share how another site handled the same types of products and created a much more user-centered ecommerce filtering experience. The site that I am referring to is

On the right is a close up of the left navigational menu from the site. As you can see, the categories and subcategories within the scrap booking area of the JoAnn Fabrics website is very similar in design and layout as to how the site is laid out.

Just as I did on the previous website, I selected “Embellishments” and then “Die Cuts” on While the left navigational menu on the website did not allow me to drill down any further within the Embellishment category than the site, it did allow me to further sort through the offered products at both the category and sub-category level via the addition of

The first way that an online shopper can further sort or filter their results is through price.The second is by brand, the third is by theme and the fourth is by whether or not an item coordinates with another product or line offered on the site. Within each additional filter you can choose which products you want to see, effectively eliminating those that do not meet the specified criteria.

Better E Commerce Product Filtering Close Advanced Filters

While the website did not allow me to sort through the products in the Die Cuts category by color or what the die cuts were made of, the additional filtering options of price, brand, theme and ability to coordinate with other products made sifting through the scrap booking supplies a much more effective and satisfying online shopping experience.

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