A newly updated platform connector bridging the latest versions of two highly-regarded B2B commerce and customer experience solutions, further advances the synergic qualities of the unique combined solution. The latest release of the pre-built integration connector, InsiteCommerce Plus Sitecore, connects InsiteCommerce 4 and Sitecore Experience Platform 8, giving customer end-users and internal commerce management users new ways to benefit from the advantages of each platform.


Leverage the Full Power of Two Great Platforms: InsiteCommerce Plus Sitecore

InsiteCommence is a scalable B2B e-commerce platform that powers the transactional features of the combined solution with capabilities for complex pricing, quoting and budgeting, either by site or specific customer, as well as manages core B2B e-commerce functionality like cart, checkout, order history, product configuration, shipping and promotions. The Sitecore Experience Platform specializes in customer experience management with a focus on enterprise web content management and marketing automation capabilities.

Together they are InsiteCommerce Plus Sitecore, a content and commerce digital experience that gives manufacturers and distributors the ability to personalize online customer experiences with automated digital marketing and content management tools, along with robust digital commerce features designed especially for B2B complexities. InsiteCommerce Plus Sitecore leverages Sitecore Commerce Connect, an API that provides the framework to track and follow up on customer activities and behaviors, and synchronizes that information between the two platforms.

More Personalized Experiences, Better Brand Control, Lower Cost

The result is one integrated B2B digital experience that gives your customers a relevant, intuitive and more personalized experience with your brand. Your merchandisers and marketers are enabled to provide a consistent brand presence across all your channels and present customers with highly personalized content, products and promotional offers. Developers decrease development time and cost by building commerce web pages natively in Sitecore that fully leverage the B2B digital commerce features of InsiteCommerce.

To learn more about content and commerce digital experience and InsiteCommerce Plus Sitecore:

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