B2C Ecommerce Promotional Tactics for B2B Businesses, Part 2We recently looked at four promotional tactics traditionally used by B2C ecommerce sites and how they can successfully be applied to B2B ecommerce businesses. Here’s four more for you to consider:

B2C Tactic: Product quizzes. B2C ecommerce sites are ready and willing to help their site visitors find exactly what they are looking for–even if the shopper isn’t sure what it’s called–using a product quiz. The site prompts the visitor to answer a series of questions and then makes a recommendation based on the shopper’s answers. B2B Solution: Product quizzes are not just for B2C businesses. B2B ecommerce can benefit from the use of product quizzes, especially when serving new customers. Imagine: A potential business partner surfs your site for a replacement widget for their machine. They know you make the part, but don’t know what it’s called. A product quiz could help them quickly identify the item they need to purchase based on a series of questions about their machine.  

B2B Tactic: Site search. So, you’re trolling around a sporting goods site looking for a new fishing reel for your brother for his birthday. You know he wants the FishKing 5000, but you can’t find it. What do you do? You hit the handy-dandy search bar and find the reel you need. Site search helps consumers find what they want so they can buy it, fast. B2B Solution: Up until recently site search on B2B ecommerce sites has been hit and miss at best–and it makes sense. Historically, the meaty content on a B2B site was secured behind a log-in portal, but that trend is changing. As B2B companies add more and more public-facing content to their ecommerce sites, robust site search is going to become more important for B2B businesses. Get ahead of the curve and implement site search now.

B2B Tactic: Interactive images. Consumers love interactive images on ecommerce sites. From basic zoom capability to a full 360 degree perspective, interactive images allow the shopper to get a comprehensive feel for the product they are looking at. B2B Solution: The B2B consumer is still a consumer, so tap into that love of interactivity and let them see that widget from any angle they like. This is especially powerful for products with physical features that are hard to describe in text.

B2B Tactic: Competitor comparisons. Feeling confident about how your product stacks up to the competition? Then say so with impartial and accurate side-by-side product comparisons. B2B Solution: Business consumers are still consumers–so, tap into their interest in making sure they get the best product on the market. Show your product side-by-side with your key competitors and reap the benefits. Just remember that accuracy and impartiality play a huge role in building any consumer’s confidence in your company.

As a B2B ecommerce business, you have a host of options to consider for promoting your ecommerce site. Take inspiration from your B2C counterparts and implement the best of their tried and true tactics to increase qualified traffic to your ecommerce site and generate more interest in your products!