B2B Ecommerce Will Go MobileMobile commerce, or m-commerce, is all the rage these days and with the explosive growth of smart phones, iPads, and tablet PCs, it’s not a trend that’s going away. Chances are high that you have either made a purchase recently via mobile commerce or know someone who has.

While the mobile commerce trend has been largely focused in the B2C ecommerce arena to date, I predict:

B2B ecommerce will go mobile.

There. I said it. (And I believe it’s true, even though some of you might be shaking your heads as you read this.)

B2B ecommerce will go mobile–probably sooner than most B2B companies are anticipating. Here’s why I think this:

  • Have you noticed how many people have smart phones? Gartner reports that smart phone sales increased by 72% in 2010 with no signs of stopping.
  • 37% of US smartphone users have made a non-mobile purchase on their handsets in the last six months. (Source: Econsultancy.) That isn’t counting the purchases made for apps, music and other purchases that are strictly used on their mobile devices.
  • Every 7 seconds, a Baby Boomer turns 62–the average age of retirement–and one in four Americans is a “Boomer.A lot of leadership positions are about to open up.
  • The individuals about to step into roles of increasing responsibility as the Baby Boomers retire are increasingly technologically savvy. In 2010, the Mobile Marketing Association found that adults ages 25-34 used their mobile phones for all mobile transaction types significantly more than any other age group.
  • As more and more professionals become comfortable with the idea of making a personal purchase via their mobile device, the convenience of the mobile purchase will drive them seek out opportunities to conduct business transactions in the same way.

B2B companies will take their ecommerce businesses mobile and the first movers will reap the greatest rewards. How will your business position itself?

Need further convincing? Check out this video from YouTube. Stunning statistics!