B2B Ecommerce Truth: Results Make the Registers Ring!By now you’ve probably figured out that content drives ecommerce traffic. And traffic’s a great thing to have when it comes to an ecommerce site. But what’s even better than traffic?



The sound of a ringing cash register.


I would bet that you agree.

So how do you make your ecommerce cash register ring? Talk about results. A list of product features may catch your customer’s eye, but quantifiable results will get them to pull out their wallets.

The switch to results-based messaging is often simple. Instead of talking about how your product increases efficiency and productivity for those that use it, give a specific example. Better yet, give multiple examples of what success looks like with your product. Quantifiable numbers coupled with a customer’s name and face will bring your message home to your site’s visitors.

I mean, which is more enticing to you?

“With Wally’s Wonder Widget, you will increase productivity and cut costs.”


“ABC Company started using Wally’s Wonder Widget in 2009. In the past year, ABC has increased productivity by 46% and cut $50,000 in costs.”

Exactly. Specific results speak volumes over general marketing copy.

The moral of the story?

When creating content for your ecommerce site, focus on the specific results a customer can expect to achieve. Quotes are good. Case studies are better. Video case studies, where the client talks about results in his own words, are even more effective.