B2B Ecommerce Truth: H1 Tags Matter!I recently saw a PR article that called out the 20 worst press release headlines ever. I’ve written a press release or two in my day, so I clicked on the link. The article’s author, Jeff Domansky, was right–the headlines were terrible, but what struck me was how applicable PR tips are to writing powerful H1 tags for your ecommerce site. What is an H1 tag if not a headline for your (robot and human) site visitors? There’s a lot to be learned about writing powerful H1 tags from the world of PR.

In the article from thePRCoach.com Domansky calls out following rules for writing a sucessful press release headline.

  1. Limit your headline to 8 to 10 words (or 70 characters) if possible. Briefer is better.
  2. If you need to add more information, use a sub-head. But make sure it adds to the news value of your story.
  3. Rewrite. Edit. Edit. Tight is right.
  4. Ensure you have a strong “news hook.” No news, no pickup.
  5. Include a keyword where appropriate for SEO purposes.

The PR Coach’s advice is pretty near spot-on for ecommerce, but here are my tweaks for ecommerce site success.

  1. Limit your H1 tag to 8 to 10 words (or 70 characters). Brief is better. Think bill board style. Your audience has a wicked short attention span and your competition is just a click away.
  2. Always include at least one keyword for SEO purposes. It should be a keyword that is also used in your Meta page title and description. H1 tags are essential to getting good search engine rankings.
  3. Rewrite. Edit. Edit. Edit. Think it’s good enough? Edit again.
  4. Ensure your H1 tags have a powerful “hook.” No enticing hook? No purchase.
  5. If you need to add more information, use an H2 tag as a sub-head. But make sure it adds to the news value of your story. Sometimes more is just more.
  6. Make sure your H1 tag makes sense. (See the examples of botched press release headlines in the article link above.) All the keywords in the world won’t make your page successful if the headline doesn’t appeal to your visitor.

While PR might seem far removed from writing powerful and engaging H1 tags for your ecommerce site, mastering the technique of writing a bullet-proof headline will take your ecommerce site’s SEO to a whole new level.