B2B Ecommerce is About ListeningB2B ecommerce is about interaction with customers, not order taking.

When asked what the purpose is of an enterprise ecommerce site, many organizations will answer, “To receive and process orders.”


The purpose of an enterprise ecommerce site is to communicate with your customers.


Yes, communicate. Enterprise ecommerce gives you the opportunity to closely observe and listen to your customers. Increasing sales and taking in orders is just the icing on the cake and here’s why:

During the ecommerce sales process, your customers will give you critical information about the products they want, how they shop your site and where they abandon carts and why. They will tell you how they enter your site and how they prefer to place an order.

By watching how your customers proceed through your site and “listening” to their actions, you can find ways to improve the ecommerce experience as well as remove any barriers to the shopping process. For example, if you find that a large percentage of your customers abandon a cart with a specific product in it at a specific point in the checkout process, you might want to analyze what about that product is making them bail on the order. Is the product in question heavy or oversized? When is the cost of shipping exposed to the customer? If it doesn’t come until checkout, you could be seeing the result of sticker shock.

Once you analyze shopping patterns and buyer behavior you can begin to modify your site design and functionality to improve the shopping experience. You can effectively remove barriers from the shopping process, thereby increasing sales.

Ecommerce is about listening to what your customers want. What are your customers saying?

To learn more about how to maximize the success of your ecommerce site, download the white paper, B2B Ecommerce Success – Seven Questions to Consider When Beginning an Ecommerce Initiative.