B2B e-commerce marketplace trendsJoin business-to-business e-commerce solutions expert Linda Taddonio as she delivers the latest trends gripping manufacturers and distributors. Competition continues to heat up at a rapid pace as Goliath-size digital business players continue to expand into and disrupt the B2B e-commerce space — and they’re not going away.

Understanding and navigating the digital landscape can be overwhelming. Sitting still is certainly not an option, and acting at too slow a pace is not any better.  Manufacturers and distributers can stay competitive with an aggressive, well-planned, and ongoing digital business strategy.

B2B E-Commerce Broadening into E-Business

A flurry of recent research from reputable industry analysts reveals that your customers want to use e-business to connect, research, transact and socialize with you more than ever. And relatively soon nearly all business transactions will occur in an electronic format. Executives know that significant digital threats exist, but most lack the urgency and strategy to deal with it effectively, and all the while their current operating model is their biggest enemy.

What we knew as e-commerce is quickly broadening into e-business or digital business and is impacting nearly every department in an organization. Transforming your business into a competitive B2B e-business enterprise will be an ongoing endeavor — the new way you will do business for the rest of your career.

Steps to Digital Transformation

The first steps on the journey will be to embrace a strategy that calls upon the right catalysts for change and development of a persona-based technology plan. Other steps include establishing your digital innovation team, strategizing and budgeting for transformation, crafting your technology landscape map, establishing analytics, setting goals, and measuring results.

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