B2B E Commerce Is Not About SellingB2B e-commerce is not about selling.

Yup, you read that right. B2B e-commerce is not about selling…at least not anymore.

Are you scratching your head yet? Are you wondering what ecommerce is about if it’s not about making the sale?


B2B e-commerce is about interaction with your customers.

Selling products to them is just the result of effective communication. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the most successful B2B organizations with ecommerce sites are the ones who move the focus of their B2B ecommerce site away from SELLING and instead focus on:

  • Educating their customers about their products as well as the industry at large;
  • Asking for feedback about what’s good, bad, or otherwise about their products and services;
  • Listening to what the customer says—or isn’t saying;
  • Observing how customers utilize the site;
  • Striving to make the ordering experience simpler, easier to complete, more intuitive;
  • Sharing information that the customer needs to know to be successful.

Yes, of course, you launch a B2B ecommerce site with the intention of selling your products. I get that. But the hidden gem is that the better you communicate and interact with your customers, the more you will sell. The more you make the experience about the user, the quicker and easier sales will happen as a result.

B2B ecommerce isn’t about selling—and if you can fully allow this idea to guide your ecommerce site experience, you will reap incredible results.

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